Justin Foster was born February of 1988 in Beverly Hills, California, making him a mid-grade, SoCal millennial. Since the day he was born, Justin has been into cars. His first word was, in fact, “car”. He grew up in a small, mountain community, just outside of Big Bear, California called Running Springs. He spent most of his youth doodling around, playing a saxophone, and being a total geek with Legos, video games, and band.

After narrowly avoiding wildfires and graduating high school, he went on to college, as you do. He received a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design from Azusa Pacific University in 2011. In 2016, Justin went to Bob Bondurant Racing School and learned to drive fast (and good), where Bob Bondurant himself called him “cautiously aggressive.”

And since then, he’s been doing, well, this. Designing stuff with Adobe Creative Suite, filming and editing video, and sometimes putting it on YouTube, taking photos of mostly cars, learning Instagram trends, and driving to his heart’s content.

If you’re looking for a cautiously aggressive designer, or a pretty creative driver, then look no further.

Or something like that.

Justin Foster

Fun Facts

  • Once had a SCCA Competition License

  • Has a really hard time filling out forms when they ask what race/ethnicity he is.

    • Here’s an easy breakdown: 45% European, 25% East Asian, 25% Sub-Saharan African, and 5% Native American (based on a 2013 Ancestry.com DNA test).

  • First word was “car.”

  • Self-taught guitar, and somewhat remembers how to play sax.

  • 6’0”, if you’re wondering.

  • Has an IMDb page. He’s like the 13th Justin Foster on there.

  • Brake lights that connect or appear to connect across the full-width of the back of a car are known as “heckblende”. Some good examples of this are the 2015 Dodge Charger and 2019 Porsche 911 (992).

  • Owns toe shoes. He knows the terrible thing he’s done.

(That’s me.)

(That’s me.)